Melitaea cinxia

Melitaea cinxia (Linnaeus, 1758) — шашечница цинксия


Борский район, поселок Октябрьский. 12.06.2012. Фото и определение: Леонид Федянцев.

Борский район, поселок Октябрьский. 17.06.2012. Фото и определение: Леонид Федянцев.

Снимок вдохновил американского фэшн-дизайнера на создание ансамбля одежды и аксессуаров: «When I first came across this butterfly photo shot by Leonid Fedyantsev, I was immediately inspired by its gorgeous blurred ombré background with the print like butterfly wings. The colors go so well together that I started styling looks in my head (because that’s what I do). I found this ombré dress that went quite perfect with the background. The snake print wedges and bug-like sunglasses are reminiscent of the butterfly, without having you actually look like, you know… and insect. Paired with a simple but pretty pink clutch, the colors and prints went perfect together!» (Styled by DirtyLace).